Towards a Bisimulation Theory for Open Synchronized Networks of Automata


November 4th:

Title:Towards a Bisimulation Theory for Open Synchronized Networks of Automata

Lecturer:Professor Eric Madelaine(INRIA/I3S, Sophia-Antipolis, France)

Time:12:45 - 13:45, November 4, 2015

Location:Room 1002, Science Building B


Open parameterized Networks of synchronized automata (pNets) are new semantic objects that we propose for defining the semantics of simple or complex composition operators for distributed languages. Open pNets have an operational semantics, using open transitions that include symbolic hypotheses on the behavior of the pNets ``holes''. We discuss when this semantics can be finite and sketch an algorithm to compute it symbolically. We define bisimulation equivalences between open pNets, and we explore under which hypotheses that these equivalences are compatible with composition and decidable.


Eric Madelaine is a senior researcher at INRIA in Sophia-Antipolis, France.
He has a diploma from Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, a PhD thesis from University of Paris 7, and an Habilitation from University of Nice. His research interests range from semantics of programming languages, distributed and cloud computing, component-based software, formal methods, methods and tools for specification and verification of complex programs. He has served in many international conferences committees, including: Euromicro, FESCA, SEAA, FMCO, and FACS. He has been collaborating for several years now with the Software Engineering Institute at E.C.N.U. on formal techniques and theoretical models for distributed systems.

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