The Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Education Visited the MOE International Lab of Trustworthy Software



During the meeting, Prof. Changbo Wang introduced the history, achievements so-far and future plans of the Lab, including the building of the research team, and international cooperations in joint researches and talent training.


Prof. Wei Gao, director of the State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Studies, also introduced the strategic needs, development goals, and cooperation foundations of the International Joint Laboratory of the Estuary Coast, which was still under construction.


Subsequently, the participants discussed and exchanged the difficulties and problems in the management of the international joint laboratory. The meeting also discussed the necessity of establishing a joint laboratory for national-level international cooperation.


After the meeting, the delegation was presented with the achievement exhibition of the Lab, which gave them a clearer picture of the Lab's efforts in the past few years.


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